Gross budget - forecast outturn

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Annual budget forecast projections based on latest available data

Smaller values are best

The quarter 1 outturn forecast shows an estimated overspend of £1,925,000. The forecast overspend is against a budget of £575,462,000 (gross) £225,522,000 (net).  This overspend represents 0.33% of the original gross budget and now falls within the amber band range.

Historically earlier forecasts shows an expected high level overspend, which reflects uncertainty and caution around the delivery of the required savings. Management actions are required to deliver the savings to arrive at a balanced budget.

Details of the quarter 1 2020/21 outturn were reported to  cabinet on 7th September 2020 in the Financial Monitoring Report  Quarter 2 is due to be reported on 14th December 2020.