Quality of life rating


How do people receiving adult social care services rate their quality of life? This measure is calculated using a combination of responses to the Adult Social Care Survey, which asks how satisfied or dissatisfied users are with the 8 indicators of quality of life, such as personal cleanliness and safety.

Rates for quality of life are calculated from survey responses. The maximum score is 24, a higher score is better.

2019/20 survey results for the question on the quality of life, calculates a score of 19.4 which is the similar as the 2018/19 score of 19.5. This places Shropshire in the 2nd quartile of performers in England. This rate is higher than 19.1 for England (2020), and 19.1 for West Midlands (2020). Annual results for Shropshire have shown a maintenance of results for the quality of life indicator.