Volunteering in council provided services


Number of hours of voluntary support to enhance community services.

Volunteering can provide many benefits including developing new skills and improving employment opportunities, meeting new people and making friends, getting to know the local community or a sense of civic pride by giving something back to make a difference for people or the environment.   

Shropshire has an active volunteer community who help to provide essential support to help make Shropshire an attractive and welcoming county. Whilst reflecting only a small part of the volunteering that takes place in Shropshire the volunteer hours reported here were given to support the Outdoor Recreation service, Libraries, Archives and Visitor Attractions in Shropshire.  During quarter 2 4883 volunteer hours were provided to support services, this is obviously a huge reduction in numbers due to closures and restricted number of volunteers to allow for social distancing.

Many service areas are supporting covid response work and therefore quarter 3 data will be reported when available.