Number of people killed or seriously injured on Shropshire roads


Rolling 3 year average for the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) on Shropshire roads.

The number of people Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) on the roads in Shropshire is calculated by using a rolling 3-year average. At the end of 2008 there was an annual average of 162 people killed or seriously injured on the roads of Shropshire. Since 2012 the annual average over three years had stabilised to around 125. A new approach to the determining the severity of casualties was introduced in December 2015. Improved and consistent determination of severity has seen an increase in the numbers of casualties reported as seriously injured, despite the number of accidents remaining at similar levels. 

As at Q1 2021 the rolling three-year average is now reducing and shows a provisional result of 139 Please note that data is reported as provisional. Injuries at the time of accident may increase in severity and be revised in subsequent months, these changes are then reflected in reporting.     

The low levels of traffic during lockdown appear to have contributed to an in year reduction in accidents and numbers of killed or serious injuries, resulting in a further improvement in the 3 year average       

It should be noted that this data reflects casualties, not accidents. The number of casualties can be influenced by the number of vehicle occupants which is unrelated to the highway network.

There is likely to be a proportionally higher number of KSIs in Shropshire as a result of its road network. The current trend is that more KSI casualties are occurring on rural 60mph and national speed limit roads, of which there are many in Shropshire.Previous data suggests that particular spikes do occur on the network and are random in nature. West Mercia Police do not consider this increase to be specifically related to anything that is within the Highway Authority’s control.During 2016, the Transport and Highways team has refined its accident review process to look at accident cluster sites. This will enable Shropshire Council to prioritise its accident data led interventions annually.Shropshire Council regularly liaise with both the Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire and West Mercia, and West Mercia Police where local information is shared and acted upon where appropriate.

The rate of KSI per 100,000 population in Shropshire is higher than the national average, however this is usual in rural areas. Rates of KSI by population are particularly affected by accidents involving motor cycles. Although motorcyclists and moped users only account for around 3% of all road traffic, they account for 9% of vehicles involved in accidents and around 33% of all casualties who are  killed or seriously injured. The Safer Roads Partnership works with local partners and motorcycling groups to try and reduce the number of motorcyclists killed and injured in collisions.