Prevalence of overweight children (including obese)


Prevalence of overweight children (including obese) for reception (aged 4-5) and prior to secondary school (aged 10 -11)

The UK is experiencing an epidemic of obesity affecting both adults and children.

There is concern about the rise of childhood obesity and the implications of such obesity persisting into adulthood. The risk of obesity in adulthood and risk of future obesity-related ill health are greater as children get older. Studies tracking child obesity into adulthood have found that the probability of overweight and obese children becoming overweight or obese adults increases with age. The health consequences of childhood obesity include: increased blood lipids, glucose intolerance, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, increases in liver enzymes associated with fatty liver, exacerbation of conditions such as asthma and psychological problems such as social isolation, low self-esteem, teasing and bullying. Obesity rates for children in Shropshire are mainly lower than those for England and the West Midlands, especially at the year 6 stage.  

The latest rate of excess childhood weight in Shropshire are:

Aged 4 - 5:      Shropshire 22.6%      West Midlands 24.6%     England 23%

Aged 10 - 11:  Shropshire 29.7%      West Midlands 38.2%     England 35.2%