% of eligible adults aged 65+ who have received the flu vaccine


Flu vaccine uptake (%) in adults aged 65 and over, who received the flu vaccination between 1 September to 31 January in a primary care setting (GPs)

Vaccination coverage is the best indicator of the level of protection a population will have against vaccine preventable communicable diseases. Immunisation is one of the most effective healthcare interventions available and flu vaccines can prevent illness and hospital admissions among these groups of people. Increasing the uptake of flu vaccine among these high risk groups should also contribute to easing winter pressure on primary care services and hospital admissions. Due to the current pandemic situation with Covid 19 it is expected that take up rates will be higher during the current vaccination season.

Take up of the flu vaccine in Shropshire for the over 65's was 73.3% to Jan 2020, slightly higher than the rate for England (72.4%) and the West Midlands region (71.3%)