Rate of permanent admissions to nursing or residential homes for those aged 65+

Our goal

Permanent admissions of adults (aged 65+) into residential/nursing care homes, per 100,000 population (annual cumulative).

Smaller values are best

Research suggests that, where possible, people prefer to stay in their own home rather than move into residential care. However, it is acknowledged that for some client groups that admission to residential or nursing care homes can represent an improvement in their situation.

The number of permanent admissions of people (65+) into residential care homes, per 100,000 population is  lower (better) than profiled as at the end of the financial year.

The service is committed to enabling people to remain in their homes or most suitable housing options to maintain a decent quality of life for as long as possible. The service also confirms that it assesses the needs of each person to ensure that the right service is provided at the right time ensuring that residential and nursing care is provided at the most appropriate time.

Performance at Q1 of 130 was within the target of 150.