Number of referrals to Children’s social care


Number of referrals where there is a concern about a child's welfare

In 2019/20, referrals to Children’s Social Care decreased slightly against the previous year – falling from 1996 in 18/19 to 1882 in 19/20, a decrease of 5.7%.

During this year, there have been 1453 referrals to social care, slightly higher than the 1354 referrals received in the same period last year.

Referrals in October and November were above the 19/20 monthly average of 156, while December was slightly below.

Latest available benchmarking data indicates that Shropshire referral levels are below most of its statistical neighbour (SN) group. The average for the group being 422.8 referrals for every 10,000 U18 residents, where Shropshire y/e 19/20 figure gives a rate of 314.

 Most referrals (94.6%) go on to receive a social work assessment, with only 5% requiring no further action.

The main referral source during the year has been the police (29%). As expected with covid-19 closures, referrals from schools fell during the early part of the year, with 36 during Q1 and 52 during Q2. During Q3 school referrals increased to 117.