Development of Local Transport plan - version 4

Our goal
Bigger values are best

The Local Transport Plan process is the key mechanism through which Shropshire Council can strategically plan for what highways, transport and mobility will look like in the future.

Transport has a significant role to play in place-making, supporting the economy of Shropshire and ensuring that everyone can have access to their daily needs and activities. The Local Transport Plan typically covers all aspects of transport and highways, including active travel, public transport, car-based travel, freight, and the management and maintenance of highways. It also has strategic linkages to wider agendas such as economic growth, the environment and health.

Work on developing Shropshire Council's fourth Local Transport Plan recommenced Oct 2020. The revised schedule for development is shown below. Future Red Amber Green ratings will be shown against this schedule.


Milestone Target Date Status
Deliver themed workshops June 2021  Completed
Options and interventions September/Oct 2021 Completed - presented 11/11/21 
Full public consultation March 2022