Completion of the partial place plan review

Our goal

Local Planning Authorities are required to keep under review any matters that may affect the development of its area. Shropshire Council has determined to undertake a Local Plan Review to cover the period to 2038.

Bigger values are best

The latest stage of the place plan review, regulation 18 pre submission consultation, was completed during quarter 2. The planning policy team have received a significant number of responses and will consider these before progressing to the regulation 19 consultation.

Regulation 18 explores different policy options with ‘open’ questions and a wider remit for input during the consultation phase. As the plan-making process continues, the number of policy options are refined and become more focused. This reflects the purpose of Regulation 19 as a planning document with specific policy recommendations for an area, resulting in more formal and technical questions in the consultation process. These questions relate to the four Tests of Soundness and whether the draft Local Plan is compliant with relevant legislation.

The planning policy team is now preparing for this phase with the aim of being ready to submit the Local Plan to the Secretary of State during in 2021.


Milestones Date Due Status
Issues and Strategic Options consultation March 2017 Completed
Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development consultation Dec 2017 Completed
Preferred Sites consultation Feb 2019 Completed
Strategic sites consultation July 2019 Completed
Regulation 18: Pre submission consultation Sept 2020 Completed
Regulation 19: Pre submission consultation Dec 2020 - Jan 2021  Completed 
Submission to secretary of state July 2021

 Approved for submission by full council on 15th July 2021 

Examination Process July 2022  Submitted for review. 

For more information or to view supporting documents please visit the planning policy web pages by using the following link - Planning Policy Partial Plan Review