Number of children with Child Protection Plans


Number of children with Child Protection Plans (CPP) per 10,000 population aged 0-18 years

The overall aim of a Child Protection Plan is to ensure the child is safe and prevent him or her from suffering further harm. Numbers of Children with a Child Protection Plan are continually monitored to ensure children have the right support to promote welfare, health and development. 

The rate of Child Protection plans increased between Q4 17/18 (31.8) and Q2 18/19 (40.7). Shropshire's rate is now in-line with Statistical Neighbours and below the England Average.

We are now more in line with our statistical neighbours. There is a correlation between this and the increase in numbers of children becoming looked after as CP planning is often the beginning of a child's journey into the care of the Local Authority. Care Proceedings are instigated in a timely fashion.