Number of referrals to children’s social care


Number of referrals where there is a concern about a child's welfare

Referrals to Children's Social Care increased against Q2 17/18, up 34.3% from 654 to 878. This continues the trend of increased numbers of referrals since during the second half of 2017/18.

At the end of 17/18 there had been 1488 referrals, which gives a year end rate of 248.2 per 10k 0-17 year olds, lower than the SN average of 442.2, and the England average of 548.2. While referrals dipped in August as expected due to school holidays, this was outweighed out by very busy months in July and September.

Q2 has shown an increase number of referrals over the quarter, this is in despite of a 6 week holiday period which normally shows a dip in previous years, the same extent has not been experienced this year indicating the teams have continued to manage a steady/busy flow of work. Referral numbers for September 2018 (151) almost mirror that of the previous year (158) although cumulative Q2 2018 is increased from the same point year.