Number of complaints


Number of complaints received by the complaints team


The number of complaints received by key service areas are:


Complaints Statutory Children’s

Complaints Statutory Adults

Corporate Complaints

Quarter 1 2018/19

9 31 276

Quarter 2 2017/18

26 40 255

Quarter 3 2017/18

8 40 204

Quarter 4 2017/18

9 31 202

Quarter 2 has seen a slight decrease in the number of corporate complaints compared to quarter 1 but considering data for a number of quarters suggests this is a result of natural variations (annual figures show an overall increase). Corporate complaints are predominantly linked to complaints about highways and waste management. In quarter 2, 30% of complaints were for Highways & Streetscene. The number of statutory children’s complaints in quarter 2 was the same as quarter 1. Numbers of statutory adult complaints also remain similar quarter to quarter.

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