Permanent admissions to residential and nursing care homes per 100,000 population for those aged 18-64

Our goal is

Permanent admissions of adults (aged 18-64) into residential/nursing care homes, per 100,000 population (annual cumulative).

Smaller values are best

Research suggests that, where possible, people prefer to stay in their own home rather than move into residential care. However, it is acknowledged that for some client groups that admission to residential or nursing care homes can represent an improvement in their situation.

The rate of adult admissions into residential/nursing care homes for the 18-64 age range as at the end of quarter 3 is now better than profile. Due to the relatively small numbers of admissions measure can be affected by the admission of 1 additional person. The service is confident that the number of admissions will remain on track to meet the end of year profile.  This performance demonstrates delivery of the Council’s policy to support as many people at home as is safe and possible to do. Admissions have been monitored on an individual basis through the year, to ensure admissions are kept as appropriate as possible.

Performance at the end of 2016/17 was lower (better) than the comparator family group (12.5) and England (12.8) averages.