Delayed transfer from hospital

Our goal is

This measure shows the average number of Shropshire residents who are delayed from hospital transfer each day.

Smaller values are best

This is a new measure for delayed transfer and this is the first report of this measure.  

National targets have been set to reduce the number of patients who are delayed in their transfer from hospital. The aim is to reduce bed blocking to less than 3.5% of all available NHS beds.

The target set for Shropshire Adult Social Care by the Department of Health is to reduce delays attributed to social care by 60%. This is based on a baseline of delayed patients between February and April 2017. This reduction is to be achieved by September 2017 and will be reported in November. It should be noted that this performance target was announced in July. This provides a very short time frame in which to achieve the required improvements or to measure the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of new service measures or resources.  

Additional funding for social care services was announced in the last budget statement. This funding will be used to provide additional resources and care capacity to improve our rate of delayed transfers. However, it should be noted that the time to develop and procure new services means that not all of these activities will not be in place by the start of September.

The additional funding has a number of financial caveats attached to it. Failure to achieve targets may result in financial penalties. This creates a degree of uncertainty with the service unsure of future levels of funding. The Department for Health have stated the following;

In November we will take stock of progress to date and will consider a review of 2018/19 allocations of the social care funding provided at Spring Budget 2017 for areas that remain poorly performing at the end of November.”

Details of this review are expected during the summer.

From September 2017 the daily number of Shropshire residents who are delayed in hospital due to social care should, on average, be no more than 6.7 patients per day. Current performance indicates that the service is on track to meet this target.

Whilst initial data shows a reduction in the number of delays, historic data shows that there can be wide monthly variations in performance. The service is monitoring patient requirements for transfer from hospital on a daily basis and seeks to find the most appropriate care packages to avoid re-admission to hospital.