Delayed transfer from hospital

Our goal is

This measure shows the average number of Shropshire residents who are delayed from hospital transfer each day.

Smaller values are best

The new Delayed Transfer of Care measure was established in April 2017 and was first reported to cabinet in the quarter 1 report.

National targets have been set to reduce the number of patients who are delayed in their transfer from hospital. The aim is to reduce bed blocking to less than 3.5% of all available NHS beds.

The target set for Shropshire Adult Social Care by the Department of Health is to reduce delays attributed to social care by 60%. This is based on a baseline of delayed patients between February and April 2017.

From September the daily number of Shropshire residents who are delayed in hospital due to social care should, on average, be no more than 6.7 patients per day.

The latest available data for November was published on the 9th Jan 2018 and shows that Shropshire Council has achieved its target with a 82% improvement in performance since April.

The improvement now places Shropshire Adult Social Care amongst the top quartile performers in England.