% of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting


Projected % of of household waste collected which will be sent for reuse, recycling, composting or anaerobic digestion - based on current year-to-date information

The projected Recycling and Composting rate for Q1 2018/19 is 55.6%. The projections are  expected to fall after Julys tonnages are included due to the hot weather which will result in significantly less garden waste being composted.

This shows a projected increase compared to the 54% of Q1 2017/18 largely due to the full year impact of the new recycling service and the food waste rollout in Shrewsbury which occurred during the last financial year. 

The latest national data for England ( for 2016/17)  shows the average rate to be 43% - performance in Shropshire is within the top quartile of all local authorities in England.