Children with Child Protection Plans


 Rate of Children with Child Protection Plans (CPP) per 10,000 population (0-18 years). 

The overall aim of a Child Protection Plan is to ensure the child is safe and prevent him or her from suffering further harm. Numbers of Children with a Child Protection Plan are continually monitored to ensure children have the right support to promote welfare, health and development. 

The rate of children with a Child protection Plan (CPP) has begun to decline during Q1. Progress in the quality of our child protection planning is evidenced in IRU Rag Rating Reports.  Where safeguarding concerns are addressed then we are now ending child protection plans as appropriate and stepping down to child in need planning. 

The annual rate of children becoming subject to a Child Protection Plan (CPP) for year ending June 2017 is 34.1; this has now fallen below the national average and for Statistical Neighbours average.