Looked After Children


Rate of Looked Afer Children rate per 10,000 population (0-18 years).

The number of Looked After Children (LAC) increased slightly throughout 2016/17; there has been another slight increase at Q2 17/18. One of the key factors for the increase in LAC at Q2 is that we have discharged fewer children this year than we had in the previous year. It is important to reaffirm that our LAC strategy is not about reducing the number of children in care, but is about ensuring the right children are in care, at the right time and for the right duration. As evidenced by our reducing section 20 (legal status for children entering care) by providing care and support packages to keep children safely in the family home.

Latest benchmarking figures for March 2016 show LAC rates of.


Shropshire = 47

Statistical neighbours = 53.8

England = 60