% of Premises with Access to Fibre Network Broadband


% of Premises with Access to Fibre Network Broadband as a result of the connecting Shropshire broadband programme (min 2Mbps)

The Council’s performance measures for broadband only cover those parts of the Shropshire Council area where we have State Aid approval to invest in improving access to faster broadband (the Intervention Area). This accounts for approximately half of the premises in the Shropshire Council area, where we currently have 3 contracts, with 2 partners (BT and Airband). The remaining areas are covered by commercial providers who have indicated that they intend to upgrade infrastructure to provide superfast broadband by 2020. These providers include Virgin Media, BT, and Secure Web Services.

Contract 1 (BT) deployment completed in spring 2017 and has resulted in an extra 52k premises getting access to superfast Broadband. Contract 2 (BT) commenced in autumn 2016, and will run until the summer of next year (2018). Approximately 4k premises are expected to benefit from this contract. Contract 3 (Airband) has now been signed and will enable us to connect another 14k premises with superfast broadband by March 2020.

At the end of all our contracts, and assuming that all other commercial broadband is delivered, we anticipate a final gap of between 2k-3k premises that are currently not projected to get superfast broadband.

Shropshire Council remains fully committed to the aspirations of connecting all our premises to fast broadband by 2020.

For further information about Connecting Shropshire go to: http://connectingshropshire.co.uk/ where we have a specific map that illustrates our current projections.