Road conditions - % of principal classified roads where maintenance should be considered


Provides an indication of the proportion of principal road carriageway where maintenance should be considered.

An annual survey of road conditions is used to develop and prioritise planned road maintenance and resurfacing schedules. This does not affect highway inspection regimes to identify highway faults.

The latest highways survey results shows that principal classified roads where maintenance should be considered has remained at the same level.

Shropshire Council maintains 5,200km of road and has a very low spend per km of road and per head of population when compared to all of the other unitary authorities in England. The service has seen a revenue budget reduction of £850,000 over the last two years which increases the pressure to maintain a high level of customer service, to provide a safe environment for travelling and to maintain the highway asset in a condition proportionate to the budget available.

A number of key performance indicators relating to customer satisfaction are measured annually through the annual National Highways and Transport (NHT) survey. Latest results from this survey show that despite funding reductions the overall satisfaction with highway services has been maintained.