Rate of hip fractures in people aged 65+


Emergency admissions for hip fractures in those aged 65+ per 100,000 population

Hip fracture is a debilitating condition – only one in three sufferers return to their former levels of independence and one in three ends up leaving their own home and moving to long-term care. Hip fractures are almost as common and costly as strokes and the incidence is rising. In the UK, about 75000 hip fractures occur annually at an estimated health and social cost of about £2 billion a year. The incidence is projected to increase by 34% in 2020, with an associated increase in annual expenditure.

Latest data for the year to March 2016 shows that the rate of hip fractures for people aged 65+ in Shropshire is 58 per 100,000. This rate is the same as the average for England which was also 589, in previous years we have been above the national average. Shropshire has an aging population with high rates of elderly who are more prone to accidents. Targeted work through the Better Care Fund is taking place to help reduce emergency admissions due to accidental falls.