Proportion of the population meeting the recommended '5-a-day


% of people responding to the Sport England Active People Survey who reported that they had eaten the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables on the previous day.

The importance of diet as a major contributor to chronic disease and premature death in England is recognised in the White Paper 'Healthy Lives, Healthy People'. A quarter of adults in England are obese. Average intakes of saturated fat, sugar, and salt are above recommendations while intakes of fruit and vegetables, fibre and some vitamins and minerals are below recommendations. Latest data for 2015 shows that 52.4% of people in Shropshire reported eating 5 portions which is similar to the figures for England 52.3%.

Performance for 2015 reduced compared to the first year of the survey.  Smaller survey numbers at a local level will cause a greater variance in results compared to those at a regional or national level. Longer term monitoring of results is required to establish performance trends.