Delayed days in hospital while awaiting appropriate transfer of care - attributed to social care

Our goal

Average number of patients per day who have a delayed transfer from hospital where the dealy is attributed to the Adult Social Care  

Smaller values are best

The new Delayed Transfer of Care measure was established in April 2017. National targets have been set to reduce the number of patients who are delayed in their transfer from hospital. The aim is to reduce bed blocking to less than 3.5% of all available NHS beds.

The target in year 1 was to reduce delays attributed to social care in Shropshire by 60% to 6.7 patients per day. Performance for 2017/18 saw a significant improvement with Shropshire achieving a 71% improvement and being one of the most improved authorities in England. 

Targets for year 2 (2018/19) were to further improve performance with the target set at an average of 1.3 patient delays per day attributed to Adult social Care.  Actual for the year was 0.32.

Benchmarking data for the year 2018/19, shows that delays attributed to Shropshire Adult Social Care were on average 0.125 patients per day per 100,000 population. This ranks Shropshire 5th out of 152 authorities.  

The latest data, for Quarter 1 of 2019/20 shows that performance for Adult Social care remains better than target. However, during the latest quarter there has been a slight increase in numbers attributed to Social care, which are mainly at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt hospital. The service is investigating to identify and address any underlying performance concerns.