Rate of children with a Child Protection Plan


Number of children with Child Protection Plans (CPP) per 10,000 population aged 0-18 years

The overall aim of a Child protection Plan is to ensure the child is safe and to prevent the risk of further harm. Numbers of children with a Child Protection plan are continually monitored to ensure children have the right support to promote welfare, health and development.

The rate of children subject to Child Protection Plans (CPPs) has increased during Q2 against year-end of 19/20. At the end of March there were 273 children, which has increased to 299.

Shropshire is now in slightly higher than the 2018/19 national average CPP rate (43.7), and higher than the SN rate (38.1). National comparator data is now 18 months old, updated information is expected to be published Dec 2020.