Overall satisfaction with highways and transport in Shropshire


Shropshire has a large network of roads, predominantly in rural areas. Each year Shropshire partakes in National Highways and Transport Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction results from the National Highways and Transport public satisfaction survey were published during December 2018. 

Overall public satisfaction with highways and transport has decreased slightly from 53% in 2017 to 52% in 2018.

Satisfaction in the majority of service areas showed an improvement:

Accessibility - access to services and facilities improved from 67% to 70% - this compares to the national result also at 70%

Public Transport satisfaction improved from 54% to 57% - this is lower than the national result also of 61%  

Walking and Cycling facilities and infrastructure improved from 54% to 55% - this is higher than the national result of 54% 

Tackling Congestion improved from 49% to 50% - this is higher than the national result of 47% 

Road Safety improved from 52% to 54% - this is lower than the national result of 55% 

However, satisfaction with Highway conditions reduced from 50% to 44% - this is lower than the national result of 49% 

Highway conditions in 2018 were severely affected during the winter period of 2017/18 resulting in a high number of potholes. A change in contractor and use of the specialist Roadmaster machines were used to tackle the backlog. Clearance of these repairs coincided with a period of the survey and may have resulted in an understandable decline in satisfaction rates. Whilst some £6 million has been spent on the summer 2018 re-surfacing programme to help maintain and prevent future defects forming the budgetary pressures and large rural highway network present ongoing challenges to maintain standards. In addition, the Council received £7.3 million in additional funding from the Department for Transport in November 2018