Development of Local Transport plan - version 4

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Version 4 of the Local Transport Plan (LTP) will cover the period 2020/21 to 2035/36. It will cover all aspects of transport and highways, including walking, cycling, public transport, car-based travel, freight, and the management and maintenance of highways.

The delivery of the plan is currently on hold and is at risk of falling behind schedule. This is primarily due to the following factors;

Shropshire Council’s declaration of a climate emergency and its ambitions regarding become carbon neutral , which cuts across every element of the LTP

New management structure in Highways and Transport  

Resource issues within the Highways and Transport department (now being resolved under the restructure)

During Q2 it was reported that a review of the plan will take place during Quarter 3 (Sept - Dec 2019) with a revised programme and delivery schedule to be agreed. The service now reports that there has recently been further changes to the Highways and Transport service and a revised programme and delivery schedule for the LTP is in the process of being determined by Senior Managers.