Completion of the partial place plan review


Local Planning Authorities are required to keep under review any matters that may affect the development of its area. Shropshire Council has determined to undertake a Local Plan Review to cover the period to 2036.

There have been three previous stages of consultation on the Local Plan Review:

The Issues and Strategic Options Consultation  - Jan 2017 to Mar 2017 with 412 respondents

Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development consultation - Oct 2017 to Dec 2017 with 591 respondents

The Preferred Sites Consultation - Nov 2018 to Feb 2019 with 3600 respondents.

The strategic sites consultation was completed in September 2019. Over 2000 comments have been received, which will now be analysed and reported.

Next key stages:

Milestones Date Due Status
Strategic sites consultation Sept 2019 Completed
Pre submission consultation Mar to June 2020  In progress - extended to End of September
Submission to secretary of state June 2020  
Examination process July 2020 to August 2021  

For more information or to view supporting documents please visit the planning policy web pages by using the following link - Planning Policy Partial Plan Review