Amount of energy generated by Council solar panels


Amount of energy, Kilowatt Hours (Kwh), generated by solar panels at Council owned premises

Shropshire Council currently has 42 solar arrays (27 sites) where energy is generated.

From the first installation in 2012 a total of 5,541,672 kWh of energy has been generated (saving 3,005 tonnes CO2).

During quarter 1, a total of a total of 357,472 kWh of energy was generated with a carbon saving 90,508 kg CO2e

The amount of power generated during quarter 1 was boosted by exceptionally clear and prolonged periods of sunshine during April.

Energy generation levels can be impacted by various factors:

Seasonal daylight hours

Variation in weather conditions

Development of technical issue at sites

Generation figures and carbon saving figures for three of our newest sites can be viewed by using the following links.


Enterprise House

Shrewsbury Market Hall

Tannery Block C

To view the latest UK electricity generation energy source types visit the MyGrid dashboard