Number of households supported by the heat-savers programme


Heat-savers supports vulnerable households in respect of heating and energy efficiency issues

The Heat Savers scheme includes a range of solutions, which include, supplying temporary radiators and Emergency Heating Grants to support the health of vulnerable people due to poor housing conditions and a lack of heating.

During 2018/19 the Heatsaver programme supported a total of 16 households with long-term and emergency heating support. Whilst this figure is lower than previous years more households were supported via the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. This is an obligation on energy suppliers to help households to cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by installing energy saving measures. This has enabled more households to be supported by energy suppliers rather than using heatsaver programme funding.

In addition to the 16 households supported by Heat Savers, 171 households were supported by the ECO scheme.