% of inspections falling below the acceptable standard for detritus

Our goal

During 2018/19 there will be 100 inspections per month to determine the average grade for detritus within the county. Inspections are assessed against the Keep Britain Tidy standards. The % of inspections falling below grade b are reported.

Smaller values are best

Detritus comprises dust, mud, soil, grit, gravel, stones, rotted leaf and vegetable residues, and fragments of twigs, glass, plastic and other finely divided materials. Detritus includes leaf and blossom falls when they have substantially lost their structure and have become mushy or fragmented.

Grade A is given where there is no detritus present on a transect;

Grade B is given where a transect is predominantly free of detritus except for some light scattering;

Grade C is given where there is a widespread distribution of detritus with minor accumulations; and

Grade D where a transect is extensively covered with detritus with significant accumulations.

Recent monthly inspections show that performance for the county has declined an is higher (worse) than the annual set standards . The nature and variation of inspections along with seasonal influences can result in monthly variations in performance results.

Recent inspections have shown an increased level of detritus, higher than the expected standard. The service area is discussing their concerns with the contractor to identify causes and any remedial actions to ensure annual targets are met.